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New Website / SEO

Brand new website and SEO
increases views by 229%

Website Remodel / SEO

Website Remodel gets
400% increase in traffic

New Website / SEO

Brand new website stats
coming soon!

Website Remodel / SEO

Website remodel and SEO
increases traffic by 312%

New Website / SEO

New website brings barbershop
50+ new lead calls every month

On Page SEO

Fixing broken links and pages
increases site score from 40 to 90

Palm Springs SEO

At CV Digital Edge, we pride ourselves on providing the best SEO results for our clients. Whether you need SEO for a new website or an SEO audit, we're here for you! We take your investment in your Palm Springs business SEO and digital marketing very seriously.

"SEO is one of the only marketing tools that could pay dividends for years to come when set up correctly."

Organic seo traffic

Organic traffic is often the biggest factor of a website's performance. With a custom SEO strategy, we will help grow your organic SEO traffic in Palm Springs. Organic SEO traffic is important because it targets specific groups looking for your service.

seo builds credibility in your market

The majority of people searching for your Palm Springs business or service online will not go past the top 3 results on their Google Search. SEO will help you climb the rankings and over time, your website could be the one claiming those positions.

Local seo means more traffic and conversions

If you rank higher on Google, your website will get more traffic. The more traffic that you get on your website, the more possibilities for conversions. That means more revenue for your Palm Springs business! Quality SEO will incorporate a better user experience which will only work in the brand's favor in the long run.

White hat seo vs. black hat seo

At CV Digital Edge, we only provide and practice white hat SEO strategies. This SEO strategy takes a lot more time and resources than black hat SEO but the results will bear fruit for years to come. We highly advise against using Black Hat SEO practices because once the Google algorithm catches on to that practice, your website will be penalized to a point where recovery will be extremely difficult.

audience targeting with seo

When SEO is implemented correctly, you can target the specific groups that are searching for relevant services in Palm Springs. Local SEO improves your chances of being found by the people that are looking for your services.

New customers through seo

With a solid SEO strategy, you'll be getting more traffic onto your website that you wouldn't have had otherwise. This means that you have a much better chance of converting that traffic into real customers! This will not only boost your SEO ranking but also your sales.

Free seo consultation
here are Some of our seo services included in our seo package

SEO Services Package

Keyword Research

We'll see what keywords your website is missing out on and start utilizing them in our SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO expert will give you detailed SEO analytics and statistics of your competitors in Palm Springs and how your business is doing against them.

Website Audit

Think there's something wrong with your website? We'll find it and fix it! A full website audit report will be provided to you.

Link Building

Our SEO expert will acquire relevant hyperlinks that'll raise your domain authority and traffic over time.

Optimize Tags For SEO

Most websites not utilizing an SEO strategy ignore this step which is a big mistake. We'll optimize headings and meta descriptions targeting SEO.

Build SEO Content

Optimized SEO content will be built on your website that'll drive more organic traffic to your Palm Springs website.

Custom SEO Strategy

Based on your business SEO needs, we'll focus on what will have the most positive outcome for your Palm Springs business.

On and Off Page SEO

There are many things that go into a solid SEO strategy. At CV Digital Edge, we'll do whatever we can to gain more traffic to your Palm Springs website.

Quarterly Reporting

Our SEO expert will provide detailed monthly updates on how the SEO strategy is coming along for your Palm Springs business.

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